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cathyliggettLately I’ve been thinking about stories, and mostly, how many zillions of them there are. I mean, when you think about it, every one of us has a story – upon story, upon story – to tell.

Some are stories that you only share with your very best friend, and you know that’s just where your words will stay.

Others are stories that you’re excited to share with everyone around you. Happenings that you might even joyfully post on FB. Or happily flash on a bumper sticker or t-shirt so that you can tell your tale wherever you go.

Too precious for wordsAnd then besides the true-to-life sagas, there are the made-up stories too – the ones that some of us are just crazy enough to struggle with and try our hardest to make real on paper.

Who can really say where those kinds of stories and voices come from? All I know is that for me, I believe the pages I write in some way contain remnants of everything real I’ve ever experienced and everyone I’ve ever met.

Like when I met Jennifer Davis…and the Beaded Hope book came to life.

And yet…that story isn’t as simple as a one chance meeting. (What story is?)

beadedhopeDuring the month of May, the Beaded Hope e-book will be available for only $0.99. Click here to get your copy now!

I’m taking that as a perfect time to reminisce about how an incredible journey to Africa started…and in some ways has never really come to an end.

I hope you’ll come along with me and check out my blogs! Maybe you’ll even want to share your story too!