A Sweet Story

Posted at Feb 18, 2010 4:58 pm

Once upon a time there were two ladies. I will call them Shelley and Heather — because that’s their names!! Shelley and Heather both had little kids. They also had big passions to write. One day — POW!! – they met each other at a writers’ meeting (OVRWA -Ohio Valley Romance Writers’ of America, to be exact). They said, hey, maybe we should meet like this more often. And so they did.Every other week, sometimes even dragging their kids along, they met. They read one another’s writing and encouraged and helped each other. Soon –well, it didn’t feel that fast, and the rejections along the way didn’t feel too good either — but relatively soon, both Shelley Galloway and Heather Webber got published. Shelley wrote sweet romances, Heather historical romances. But then more time passed and Shelley wasn’t just writing sweet romances, she was also writing for Harlequin American!! And Heather wasn’t just writing historical romances she was penning her award-winning Nina Quinn cozy mystery series!!Through it all they kept meeting and their kids kept growing (all in high school and/or college now). And actually Shelley and Heather kept growing too. Now Shelley Galloway also writes several Amish series as Shelley Shepard Gray. Heather Webber has a new mainstream fiction series that’s love/mystery/women’s fiction all rolled into one. And the BEST PART IS, after all these years together, they both had books released on the same day this year — February 2nd. “Winter’s Awakening” by Shelley Shepard Gray and “Truly, Madly” by Heather Webber. Oh, wait — did I saw that was the best part? Honestly, it isn’t. The best part is if you met these ladies (who I will call Shelley and Heather because that’s their names!), you would love them as much as you love their books.


3 responses to “A Sweet Story”

  1. Shelley says:

    Oh, Cathy, you’re too sweet.
    Yes, it’s amazing we all have books out now. I would have never dreamed so many wishes could come true!
    Can’t wait to work with you all weekend long! I’m really looking forward to our retreat!

  2. Crystal says:

    What a great post and tribute to these two ladies! I’m hooked and a fan of Heather from having read just a few chapters of truly, madly. I will *definitely* check out Shelley and her books!

    • cathy liggett says:

      Ha! I know “truly, madly” hooks you fast, doesn’t it? Oh, and Sean is such a hottie! You sure won’t be disappointed with either of these two authors. It was really sweet of you to comment, Crystal! Well, I don’t know if your name is really Crystal — but you do Crystal Clear Proofing & Editing, right? (I recognized the diamond) đŸ™‚

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