Hope and Kindness Campaign

In the little increments of time that tick past in our fast-paced and increasingly me-focused world, how often do we take a moment to think of where others—family, friends, or total strangers—might be in their hearts and lives? Maybe they have silent struggles from personal hardships they’re facing, or they might feel a little hopeless and troubled by current events unfolding around us.

But what if we could bring a little hope and kindness into their day? In Cathy Liggett’s newest novel, The Sisters of Sugarcreek, three women cross paths after tragedy strikes and form an unlikely friendship. As the Secret Stitches Society, they are dedicated to bringing a stitch of hope to others, and they sneak around in the night to anonymously drop off gifts that let those who are hurting or in need know someone cares.

A stitch of hope, Rose would always say, was just the thing that could get a person through. . . .

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, let’s all take a cue from the Secret Stitches Society. Dedicate the entire month of February to opening your heart and brightening the day of the person next to you, and then take it one step further: inspire him or her to pay that hope and kindness forward. Imagine the beautiful tapestry we could stitch together through little acts of kindness, woven full of hope and love.