It’s September Already??? August was Too Fast ~ but Special and Fun!

Posted at Sep 7, 2010 9:54 am

You could sense it coming in the air, just a wisp of a breeze every now and then.  And see it in the different cloud formations.  Even feel it in the chill of the evenings lately.  And then the school buses weren’t just dotting the streets, but were everywhere on every street each morning.  All signaling September is officially here.

Only thing is, I’m still not sure where August went.  But it certainly was a special, unique month for me.

I’ve never been one for public speaking (and will be happy to hear any suggestions from anyone who is!) but August brought along some opportunities to speak to a couple of ladies’ groups.  And I’m so glad my fear didn’t lead me to say ‘no’  — which is what I usually do — no to Kings Island rides, no to motorcycles, no to lots and lots of things.   Because if I would’ve said ‘no’ it would’ve been my loss for sure. I would’ve missed out on meeting some really wonderful women!

On August 15th, I was invited to speak with Jennifer Davis to the women at iMPACT Church.  Each quarter, the ladies get together for a special night of worship.  That evening, in between songs of praise Jennifer and I shared our story of how Beaded Hope — the organization and the book — came to be. The desserts were yummy and the women couldn’t have been any sweeter.  I thought I was going to be so nervous, but I instantly felt at home there.  So thank you again, ladies of iMPACT Church!  No pun intended — but you certainly made an impact on us!

Then on a Saturday morning a week later, I got to speak to another group of ladies right here in my hometown of Loveland at the Prince of Peace Church.  I didn’t sleep so well the night before, very anxious knowing I’d be flying solo — speaking by myself.  But again, there was no reason to put myself through all that!  It was a lovely couple of hours with about 20 or so women who couldn’t have been more encouraging and engaging as we talked about God, the ladies of South Africa and Beaded Hope.  It was a very special, memorable morning for me.  Plus, the cinnamon rolls made by my friend Shelley were incredible!  I’m thinking I could get put on some major l-b’s if I visit too many more groups!

After these great experience though, I’m making a note to self to say ‘yes’ way more often.  Only, being the weenie I am, there’s still no need to ask about rollercoasters or fast-moving vehicles.  Cause this girl is going to say ‘no’ every time!

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