Posted at Mar 13, 2010 7:06 am

Thank you, Kim, for being our WEEK 2 WINNER! We’ll get your winnings to you directly!

Hope many others are signing up for Week 3 – with 3 items to win! The BEADED HOPE book, beaded bracelet and a cute beaded key chain too!


2 responses to “WE HAVE ANOTHER WINNER!!”

  1. I want to sign up for your Blog contest, but can’t find anywhere to do that. I am submitting my name and e-mail in hopes that you can help me!

  2. cathy says:

    Hi, Caroline!
    Sorry I’m a little behind over here. My son was home for spring break ~ I’ve been in the laundry room and kitchen a lot!! You can sign up for the contest by either going to “Extras” in the banner OR on the Home page if you read my welcome section there, just click on “Beaded Hope-You’re-A-Winner” Giveaway, or “So please sign up to win!”

    Thank you for asking though – I’d have a few people asking the same question!

    PS – you are signed up for sure 🙂

    Best to you!!

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