What’s in Your Purse?

Posted at Aug 29, 2012 12:25 pm

A few weeks ago, on my way to the lake for a walk,  I was routing around in my purse with my right hand while keeping a firm left one on the steering wheel.  The sun was coming through the windshield full force, and I was try to feel my way around for my sunglasses.  Instead, I came up with a bottle of Advil, my mini datebook, my wallet, some tea bags, some indescribable stuff — and finally a snack-sized baggie  of dog treats.  And, oh, seeing those dog treats how I cried.  The tears just came — you know how people use the word sprang?? – from my eyes.  So unexpectedly.  Caught me so off guard.  And, no — it’s not because something had happened to our precious pup Chaz (a Boxador, my husband calls her because he likes to believe she a boxer and lab mix!! ) I started crying because — well, because that little baggie didn’t have Cheerio’s in it anymore.  My daughter’s engaged and living nine hours away, my son has graduated and lives double that distance from home now. 

So quickly we went through the Cheerio snack phase and the sports bar phase all of which were stuffed and carried religiously around in my purse.  Along with extra mittens, dry socks, bandaids, wipes, and kleenex, kleenex,  who can ever have enough kleenex?  But now that it’s just my husband and me…and Chaz…my purse reflects that too.  I have to admit, I’m looking forward (ahem, hear this, kids?) to carrying those Cheerios with me again some year soon!

So…what’s in your purse? 

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  1. Elysa Mac says:

    Lipstick! I don’t ever go anywhere w/out it. Oh…and my camera. My family accuses me of being addicted to taking pictures but I just assure them that they’re biographers will thank me when they are one day the president or other famous person and books are being written about them. I sure don’t keep a diary but a picture is worth a thousands words, right?

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