Winners! Winners! From Everywhere! (that means Author Buzz Entrants too!)

Posted at Apr 9, 2010 10:14 am

For the BEADED HOPE-YOU’RE-A-WINNER GIVEAWAY, the Week 5 Winner is Amie from right here in Loveland!  I really do want to thank EVERYONE, however,  who participated these past weeks.  It sure has been fun hearing from you!

ALSO, to the AUTHOR BUZZ CONTEST ENTRANTS ~ It’s been such a delight to see your names come from all over the country.  THANK YOU SO MUCH for your interest!  You’ve made this Ohio girl smile.  The 5 winners of that contest are:

Marie from Pennsylvania

Elizabeth from Georgia

Barbara from Texas

Penny (like Mama Penny in the book, I just realized!) from Oregon

Wendy from Ontario

CONGRATULATIONS to all!  And again, much thanks to all who participated!

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